Worldwide figures for asthma and COPD:

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Asthmatics worldwide
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COPD patients worldwide

These figures are on the rise, with the number of asthmatics estimated to grow by 100 million by 2025.

Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are generally treated using inhalers which are difficult to use correctly, and in many cases ineffective at treating the condition.

deaths caused by asthma every year
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deaths caused by COPD every year

Many of which could have been prevented by providing improved inhaler technology.

Inadequate treatment of these conditions places a huge and growing burden on healthcare systems such as the UK’s NHS.

  • 77,855 people admitted to UK hospitals with an asthma attack in 2018

  • In one case, a child had to make 57 emergency trips in a single year.

Currently asthma is highly uncontrolled and its prevalence is increasing globally. Patient numbers with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) are also increasing worldwide. This is placing a huge and growing burden on healthcare systems worldwide, including the UK’s NHS.

Almost all dry powder inhalers are inefficient and deliver most of the drug to the mouth and throat of the patient, rather than reaching the target site of the lung. Our innovative new dry powder inhaler technology has the following characteristics:

Simple, small, “passive” and low cost

Breath-actuated, therefore no dose wastage

Pre-metered (multi) unit doses

80%+ of the drug reaches the deep lungs of the patient

Highly independent of inspiratory effort

Flexible to work over a wide range of therapies

αeolus technology

transforming the energy from the patient’s inhaling into the type of energy that is best suited to transfer relatively small quantities of drug right to deep lungs of the patient.  


solves two problems of metered dose inhalers, by preventing patients from inhaling too quickly, and assisting patients to release the dose at just the right time as they inhale.

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    CHI will license its αeolus technology to any company that wishes to use it to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of patients. We will not offer exclusivity by therapeutic area – rather only for a company’s proprietary molecules.

    The market for CHI’s αeolus technology is huge, as it can even deliver a range of drug formulations with high efficiency and dose consistency. This could enable expansion into therapeutic areas beyond asthma and COPD for respiratory drug delivery. The limitations of current inhaler devices means that many drugs that are not suitable for oral administration have to be injected – better inhalers can change this.