Breathe easy at DDL2022 with our ground-breaking DPI technology

Breathe easy at DDL2022 with our ground-breaking DPI technology

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Music to your ears?

Cambridge, UK – 5th December 2022:  With final preparations for the 2022 Drug Delivery to Lungs Conference underway, we are excited to reveal that we will be running a competition with a chance to win a Bluetooth speaker. To find out more and to take part, join us on Stand 104.

We know, the prospect of winning an amazing Bluetooth speaker might momentarily take your breath away, but for the millions of people who suffer with conditions such as asthma and COPD, this is no laughing matter. Cases of chronic lung diseases are increasing rapidly worldwide, further burdening already overstretched health services.

This is why we are so proud that we will be demonstrating our transformational inhaler technology αeolus as well as Quattrii™ – our high payload DPI platform. Both technologies have demonstrated truly exciting performance and could provide a significant and positive impact on both clinical study outcomes and the quality of lives of patients around the world.

Win this!

The complete drug delivery package


αeolus is our flagship DPI technology available in a single use, re-usable or multi-unit dose format, that demonstrates a new generation of high-performance Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs). It can be used across different therapies and user groups and is best suited to fill-masses of 0 – 50 mg. It transforms the energy from the patient’s inhalation into the type best suited to deliver drug to the deep lungs.

Above, from left to right: Single Use, Reusable, and Multi-Unit Dose formats of the αeolus DPI


Our Quattrii™ DPI technology is designed specifically to deal with high fill-masses (50 mg and above) of low potency drug molecules. Through its unique action, a highly respirable fraction is delivered over the first two seconds of inhalation, making the most effective use of the energy available and providing a consistent and highly respirable dose.

The brand new Quattrii™ high payload DPI from Cambridge Healthcare Innovations

Our Quattrii™ technology overcomes the above high-mass delivery challenges by:

  • Only requiring a single blister per dose
  • Only requiring a single inhalation per dose
  • Minimising the delivery of non-respirable fraction, thereby substantially reducing mouth and throat deposition and lowering the risk of cough
  • Lengthening the delivery time period – i.e. over the first second or two of the inhalation, compared to just a few hundred milliseconds – thereby reducing the rate of delivery, again reducing the chance of triggering a cough reflex

Our ethos

Our ethos is to use our technology to help as many people as we can to manage their respiratory problems. The metered dose inhaler (pMDI) is the currently mainstay of asthma and COPD management globally, with approximately 940 million produced each year and alarmingly, up to 90% of users do not use the correct technique, resulting in them not receiving their full medication.

There’s also mounting environmental pressure to reengineer or move away from pMDIs due to their use of hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) propellants, which are powerful greenhouse gases.

Cambridge Healthcare Innovations was born of our shared determination to force progress into the field of respiratory medicine, so transforming the quality of life for millions of people.

Come and join us at DDL 2022 on Stand 104. Book a meeting with us here to find out how our technology can help deliver your formulation effectively.